LibreQoS is a Quality of Experience and Smart Queue Management system designed for Internet Service Providers to optimize the flow of their network traffic and thus reduce bufferbloat, keep the network responsive, and improve the end-user experience – especially when multiple people are trying to use the network simultaneously with a mix of VOIP, videoconferencing, gaming, and web applications.

LibreQoS runs on a server acting as a middlebox between an ISP’s edge router and the core of the network. Servers running LibreQoS can shape traffic for many thousands of customers.


The Importance of QoE


Keep remote workers productive and employed


Keep remote learners engaged and on-track with their peers


Reduce educational and employment inequities


Ensure reliable access to tele-medicine

QoE platforms can improve the reliability of end-users’ voice and video calls transiting the network. With work-from-home, remote learning, and tele-medicine becoming increasingly common – it is important to minimize any disruptions to video calls and VoIP that might otherwise occur due to bufferbloat within the ISP network.

LibreQoS and Your Network

Happy Customers

Ensure the most latency-sensitive end-users (gamers, remote workers, remote learners) have a great experience


Control congestion at every point in your network fabric - and deliver performance that sets you apart from the competition

Reduce Churn

Alleviate the most common pain points for customers who stream video, play video games, and video conference.

LibreQoS allows operators to mitigate latency under load (bufferbloat) at every possible congestion point in the network fabric – providing a smooth, stable end-user experience that can help ISPs maintain existing customers as well as attract customers. Many of us take it for granted that it is “normal” for an end-user’s video call to stutter or disconnect when someone else on the same home network is watching a 4K video. That is actually a symptom of bufferbloat, and can be mitigated with LibreQoS. LibreQoS ensures the most latency-sensitive end-users (gamers, work-from-home clients, remote learners) have a positive experience, which in turn increases customer retention and reduces ISP costs related to support tickets, calls, and truck-rolls.

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